Travel Solutions for Executive Assistants - Executive and Their EA Headed to Airport

Top Travel Tools & Solutions for Executive Assistants

Corporate travel is making a rebound after the pandemic hiatus, meaning business trips are stacking back up. As an executive assistant, coordinating these events is a significant part of your day-to-day duties, ensuring your executive’s schedule runs smoothly.

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Travel Services Every Executive Needs - Woman Business Leader in Virtual Meeting on Train

Travel Subscriptions Every Executive Needs

In the last decade, technology and an aggressive market have gone hand-in-hand to contribute to what we now know as the subscription boom. While the pandemic undoubtedly exacerbated the rate of these monthly commitments, the world simply preferred the convenience and brand partnership that arose from a quick click of the subscribe button.

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Best Luxury Hotels in Paris - View of Eiffel Tower

The Best Luxury Hotels in Paris, France

One of the globe’s most sought-after destinations for its iconic architecture, exquisite cuisine, and world renowned art - c’est Paris! Boulangerie-lined boulevards complement the haute couture houses, while the Eiffel Tower pierces the clouds in the background. However, there’s more to this capital than freshly baked croissants and legendary artwork.

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Retaining Your Company's Executives - Business Leader in Office

Executive Retention Strategies: How To Retain The C-Suite

The numbers are in, and it’s clear that The Great Resignation is not exclusive to just employees, with a wave of executives also leaving the workforce, or strongly considering it. Data from a Deloitte study found that about 70% of the C-suite are legitimately considering quitting their job for a position that better supports their mental and physical well-being. In fact, 81% of the C-suite claim that improving their well-being is more important than advancing their career.

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Best Luxury Hotels in Dubai - Andaz

The Best Luxury Hotels in Dubai, UAE

Image Credit: Andaz Dubai The Palm

Dubai is a city burgeoning with imagination, constantly pushing the limits of what we consider possible. With boundless resources and immense wealth, Dubai is a futuristic ‘Alpha+’ city as ranked by the GaWC.

Dubai’s stop-at-nothing attitude can be seen across an array of previously unimaginable projects it’s currently bringing to life—including a supersonic Hyperloop system, climate controlled micro-cities encased in domes, and robo-everything: from soldiers to robotic chefs.

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Bleisure Guide to Miami - Nautilus South Beach

The Executive's Guide to Bleisure Trips in Miami

Image Credit: Nautilus by Arlo, South Beach

Bleisure: a beautiful balance of business and leisure, and the latest reason executives are packing extra for their business trips. A trend that’s gained momentum in the last few years, especially in a post-COVID world, corporate travelers are taking advantage of their destinations in the best ways possible.

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Best Luxury Hotels in Miami - 1 Hotel South Beach

The Best Luxury Hotels in Miami, Florida

Image Credit: 1 Hotel South Beach

Bottomless mojitos in hand, freshly baked Cuban pastries on deck, and over 300 days a year of balmy sunshine — welcome to Miami

The 305 has long been a hub where people unite to create something fresh and exciting — and that spirit breathes fire today in Miami’s art-deco hotels, swanky rooftops, and exquisite dining. The creative flame is palpable, radiating, and pushing boundaries with its culinary concoctions and luxurious ventures.

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Best Luxury Hotels in LA - SLS Beverly Hills

The Best Luxury Hotels in Los Angeles, California

Image Credit: SLS Beverly Hills

Maintaining its star-studded reputation globally, the birthplace of film and media is more than just flashing cameras, extravagant sets, and movie directors shouting “action.” Los Angeles is a creator's nirvana, a haven for architecture, and a foodie’s paradise that keeps them coming back for more.

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EXEC Private Label Ticketing - Aerialist Performers at Live Show

How to Save on Last-Minute Event Tickets

The pandemic did a number on the entertainment industry, canceling some of the largest festivals and most sought-after events in the world. Artists had to halt their tours, sporting events were either canceled or audience-free, and internationally-renowned festivals were paused without a glimmer of hope of rescheduling.

Today there’s a much brighter prognosis for the future, and most restrictions have been lifted—so fans are hitting the stands again. The summer is, once again, teeming with live events, leaving the globe to revel in the entertainment they’ve missed out on for two years. Almost all sporting stadiums and arenas have gotten the green light to operate at total capacity — and just like that, we’re back to our regular schedule.

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