The Future Of Work: Predictions For The Next Decade

The future of work is evolving at warp speed. Half a century ago, being an astronaut was the universally accepted sci-fi paradigm of “the future of work.” From content creation and crypto-mining to software engineering and cybersecurity, the future of work is here — and it’s incredibly diverse. 

Trends for the next decade are evolving by the day, and span from engineering self-driving cars to building the next big AI-tax preparation tool. However, one thing is certain: what it is to be an employee will look very different than it did in 2002. The rapid pace of technological advancements will propel the workforce further than they’ve ever gone before.  

So, what does the future of work mean for this year? This guide will cover the trendiest movements and our top predictions for the world of work in 2023. 

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Artificial Intelligence 

It’s impossible to think about the future of work without considering the role of artificial intelligence in our lives. From processing loads of data and removing humans from hazardous environments to automating decision–making processes and removing HR biases, AI is everywhere. 

Independent Contractors 

The traditional 9-5 is no longer the ultimate goal. Between freelancers, independent contractors, and unique start-ups, people are leveraging several sources of income and making the most of their 24 hours. 

As a result, it’s projected that independent work will skyrocket in the next decade, and over 50% of the nation will commit to a self-governing and autonomous career. 

Inflation-Of Happiness

People have always wanted to work in an environment that gives them purpose and meaning. With the rise of millennials and Gen Z in the workforce, unhappiness is simply not an option. 

For most, especially those in independent careers, working for passion and purpose is essential and leads to genuine contentment. As a result, individuals will search for positions and companies that make a meaningful impact and resonate with their goals and values.

In addition to individual happiness, the workforce will see a massive emphasis on mental and physical wellness. Everything from your benefits packages to ergonomic office space will prioritize the employee’s well-being. 

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Digital Dexterity 

Digital dexterity will soon be necessary to survive as the digital economy's demands skyrocket. Almost every aspect of our lives is being digitized, and the workplace is no different. This shift in skill set has created an environment where individuals must adapt to keep up with the competition.  

The newer generation will need to apply strategic thinking, innovation, and the ability to constantly refresh their toolbox based on the most recent technological upgrade.  

Virtual Everything

Digital outsourcing will significantly impact the workforce in the next few years, trickling down to the average day-to-day. Soon, we may no longer be interacting with people at a company's front desk or marketing department, nor will we be updating our own books. Companies like Upwork are making this trend more prolific than ever. 

Many of us will work side by side—or remotely—with freelance workers from across the globe or a software company designed to make these roles virtual.

The Metaverse & Virtual Reality

The future of work is no longer limited to what can be achieved within the confines of our devices. From training and customer support to onboarding and collaboration, it's time we start picturing the metaverse and considering how that environment will change our work — for better or worse. 

Instead of limiting companies to local talent, virtual reality and the metaverse will allow organizations to function from an entirely digital workplace. These spaces will provide outstanding value, sparking creativity in a shared territory while simultaneously saving time and money. 

Social Media Influencing

Between blogging and content creation, digital marketing is propelling itself to become one of the most profitable and quick ways to succeed. Online platforms like TikTok and Instagram drive excitement and exposure to new products and services. Influencers on these channels hold the key to virality by providing their massive list of followers with endorsements and attention. 

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The traditional 9 to 5 job is becoming a thing of the past. Workers, especially millennials, are no longer content to sit in their cubicles and work towards a corporate agenda. Instead, they are pursuing roles that they find fulfilling and allow them to be more independent. 

This will encourage the rise of more flexible and less bureaucratic companies than in the past. Technological upgrades will also play a paramount role in everything we do, meaning employees must also be flexible and ready to adapt.