Offering Memberships to Remote Workers: Supporting Employee Well-Being in a Digital World

As we hurtle through the 21st century, the concept of 'work' has undergone quite the metamorphosis—fueled by technological advancements. The traditional office atmosphere, with its synchronized symphony of clicking keyboards and bubbling coffee pots, has been replaced by a new frontier: the digital realm of remote work.

Make no mistake; this is not a passing phase or a flighty trend. On the contrary, a seismic shift firmly entrenched itself in the global workplace narrative. Touted as the 'Future of Work,' WFH offers an irresistible cocktail of flexibility, autonomy, and the (much appreciated) elimination of traffic-filled commutes.

However, like most cocktails, it does come with a twist. This newfound independence is accompanied by a unique set of challenges that must be adroitly managed to ensure the well-being of the industry’s newest telecommuter.

How do we ensure our remote employees remain engaged, healthy, and productive in an increasingly digital workspace? How do we support their continuous learning and development? And, perhaps most importantly, how do we foster a sense of community and connection in an environment where physical interactions are minimal?

In light of this, the key to these complex issues is found in memberships. Besides being mere corporate accessories, they offer a curated array of benefits that can significantly enhance the remote working experience, effectively addressing digital workers' challenges. From an ergonomic environment to physical health, mental well-being, and even culinary convenience, these programs can deliver tailored solutions for every need.

By leveraging EXEC, your team will gain access to incredible benefits, with a wide gamut of options to choose from—appealing to today’s diverse workforce.

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Professional Organizations: A Powerhouse of Support for Remote Workers

EXEC is partnered with several professional communities, which offer incredible benefits to those who qualify and are accepted. Some of these professional associations include:

Forbes Councils, Rolling Stone Culture Council, and Fast Company Executive Board are all invitation-only communities. Eligible candidates can apply for consideration to join. If your application is accepted and you are invited to join one of these communities, candidates with an existing EXEC Membership will receive savings during onboarding.

In the expansive realm of remote work, these associations serve as vital lighthouses, providing guidance, support, and abundant opportunities. For telecommuters navigating their careers from the solitude of their home offices, memberships in these communities can be invaluable.

These organizations offer continuous learning through regular webinars, workshops, and seminars that keep their members apprised of industry trends, emerging technologies, and innovation. This constant stream of knowledge ensures that remote workers remain at the cutting edge of their fields, fostering professional growth even in the absence of conventional workplace interactions.

But it's not just about professional development; these memberships also address a crucial aspect of remote work - connectivity. They orchestrate virtual conferences, meetings, and interactive sessions that facilitate networking and forge meaningful connections. As a result, remote employees can interact with thought leaders and peers, broadening their networks and creating potential avenues for future collaborations. More than that, these organizations foster a sense of community, offering respite from the occasional isolation of remote work.

With so many organizations within each industry, deciding which is best for you can be overwhelming. Check out, a site that ranks, curates, and accredit the world’s top professional associations, mastermind groups, and communities.

Health and Wellness Memberships: The Unsung Heroes

Have you ever tried doing a sun salutation while on a Zoom call? It may or may not be the most elegant sight. But health and wellness needn’t be casualties in the remote work setup.

Juggling back-to-back Zoom meetings with occasional trips to the kitchen might not seem physically taxing. Still, the impact of a sedentary lifestyle on our health can sneak up on us like an uninvited calendar invite. As companies increasingly embrace remote work, the responsibility to champion employee health and wellness has risen to the top of the corporate agenda. And rightly so, as fit employees are not just healthier; they're happier, more motivated, and undeniably more productive.

Memberships to virtual fitness classes or wellness services can ensure that your employees keep their bodies moving and manage stress levels within the comfort of their homes. And when motivation is in short supply, a one-on-one session with an online personal trainer or wellness coach can do wonders to lift spirits and spur action.

EXEC Members receive discounted services and subscriptions to these wellness programs.

Some of these membership benefits can include the following:

  • Soothe The world’s largest on-demand wellness platform, offering massages, facials, and other beauty services.
  • FlexIt This “Interconnected Health” platform provides live 2-way private fitness sessions with trainers, nutritionists, and physical therapists.
  • Calmerry This platform allows individuals to work with licensed and verified therapists from the comfort of their own homes and schedules.

Embracing Ergonomics: A Pillar of Productive Remote Work

Besides caring for one’s physical and mental health, the importance of ergonomic furniture for remote workers cannot be overstated. Remote work doesn't mean working from the couch, bed, or any flat surface available. Creating a healthy and productive work environment at home is as crucial as in the traditional office setup.

Ergonomic furniture – be it chairs with proper lumbar support, desks at the right height, or keyboard setups that protect against strain – can significantly enhance everyone’s experience. A well-designed workspace can prevent aches and pains, improve posture, and promote better focus and productivity. It's an investment that pays dividends in the form of improved health, comfort, and overall work satisfaction.

Companies can support their remote workers by offering ergonomic furniture as part of their membership benefits or stipends for home-office setups. Herman Miller is an excellent solution, offering WFH products, tools, and resources for digital workers. When you offer EXEC as a benefit, your team will receive discounted prices on all Herman Miller purchases.

Read more here about What Employees Look for In Any Office Space.

Coworking Space Memberships: The Best of Both Worlds

Feeling cooped up at home? Craving the ambient sound of furious typing and frothy cappuccinos being prepared? A membership to a local coworking space could provide a welcome change of scenery.

These spaces often offer flexible plans, top-notch facilities, and – let’s not forget – a socially-distanced way to escape the monotony of the home office. Plus, they present an excellent opportunity for networking and socializing, bringing a sense of community back into the remote work experience.

With EXEC, members have exclusive access and discounts to several modern workspaces in the nation’s biggest and busiest cities. These include:

  • NeueHouse Serving locations in NY, DTLA, Hollywood, Venice Beach, and soon, Miami!
  • WorkChew Serving over 20 locations around the United States.
  • ONDA Access to over 300 private members' clubs and creative spaces in 75 destinations worldwide.

Final Notes

In conclusion, while the world of remote work brings its own set of challenges, the strategic use of memberships can offer a wealth of benefits that support employee well-being and productivity. It’s not just about making remote work possible; it’s about making it healthy, sustainable, and beneficial for all involved.