What Employees Look for In Any Office Space

Image Credit: NeueHouse

The COVID-19 pandemic made it necessary for businesses to attempt remote work in order to survive. This initially disruptive experiment created awareness among leadership across swaths of the economy: many businesses can still function and sometimes function better, with most of their employees working remotely. The new norm meant employees were swapping their daily coffee run for a Nespresso double-shot and investing more in their home office experience. 

However, this new WFH era blurred the lines between work and the rest of life, making it difficult for most to unplug. In addition, as the world adjusts to the harsh reality that the virus isn’t going anywhere, hybrid-work options and pushes to return to the office are picking back up. 

As many return to the office, employees expect a regenerative and balanced work environment — and rightfully so. Paying attention to what your team values and needs in a space where they spend many hours of their day will work wonders for your attraction, productivity, and retention rates. 

The most forward-thinking companies will shape a culture that puts their people first and encourages them to address their health and well-being as part of their daily routine. So whether it’s a Nespresso machine or ergonomic chairs, we’ve curated a guide of the top amenities and products to include in your next office re-design. 

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Embrace The Latest Tech

The technology in your office space says a lot about your company. It’s integrated into almost every aspect of our lives, and as such, staying up to date with the latest gadgets and software will ensure your team is functioning optimally. 

Rather than spending valuable time unjamming a printer, rebooting the internet router, or on the phone with IT, supply your team with high-quality and reliable equipment from the start. From noise-canceling headphones and automatic doors to high-performance workplace software, innovative technology is no longer a luxury but instead an expectation. 


Sennheiser offers market-leading products for touchless audio and digital wireless technology.  High-quality speakers, microphones, and noise-canceling capabilities are necessary when bringing your team back to the office. 

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Ergonomic Furniture

Keeping your employees healthy and comfortable should be at the top of your priority list and ergonomic furniture is one of the most requested and valuable amenities in any office space. 

Sitting in a poorly designed setup for hours can strain the back, shoulders, hips, and wrist and cause a host of circulatory issues throughout the whole body. From chairs that improve posture to height-adjustable desks, these small changes will make a world of difference in your employees' health and well-being. 

That said, finding a single chair or desk suitable for everybody can be tricky, as there is no universal mold. Survey your employees for insight on what components of their setup are most important to them, whether it's the option to adjust desk height, back support, or level of cushion. Then, invest in a selection of options for various body types so that your entire team feels comfortable. 

Strong Coffee

Americans consume a total of 400 million cups of coffee every day. While the overall health effects of coffee consumption can be debated, it goes without saying that good coffee usually makes people happy and keeps them working. 

8/10 people will stop to pick up a cup of Joe on their way to work every morning. A quality coffee machine in the office will not only reduce the chances of employees being late, but it will keep them fueled throughout the day. That said, a clunky decade-old machine will not do the trick. Instead, show appreciation by investing in a high-powered delicious espresso and coffee machine.  

Nespresso Vertuo

Guaranteeing a perfect cup every time, Nespresso creates the highest quality coffee exclusively tailored to every kind of drinker. Vertuo’s innovative technology allows users to experience authentic espresso and signature coffees with a smooth taste and rich crema. 

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Designated Work Zones

A "mostly" open office environment is associated with the highest overall productivity. However, the option for choice, balance, and variety is the greatest asset to any physical space. Many offices are typically one large and cohesive unit, leaving little to no room for each individual's quiet and privacy. 

Some employees prefer enclosed workspaces, while others prefer open-concept layouts. Whether attending a conference, having a personal client meeting, or needing to hyperfocus, offices should be designed to include designated spaces for different tasks. 

A designated area should also be for relaxation and recharging between calls or meetings. These can be quiet rooms, outdoor spaces, or well-being zones where employees can get away and regroup. 

Office Outside The Office — NeueHouse

Designed as a private work and social space for collaboration and creativity, NeueHouse is an excellent option to offer your team when they’re simply looking for a change in scenery. Featuring timeless decor, iconic buildings, and a thought-provoking environment, NeueHouse is a cultural movement. 

Locations can be found in the nation’s busiest cities, including NYC, Downtown LA, Hollywood, Venice Beach, and soon-to-be Miami!

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Wrapping Up 

Designing a workspace with your team in mind is an easy and effective way to maintain attraction, engagement, and retention. It’s important to note that employees value personalization in their physical space, especially as many are shifting from working from the comfort of their homes back to the office.