Blurred People At Fair - Tips to Increase Membership Renewals

Tips to Increase Membership Renewals

Most organizations focus a majority of their budget and energy on member recruitment; however, while valuable, membership renewals are the primary contributors to the longevity of any association. Without high retention rates, monthly cashflow can be unpredictable, and the club’s culture and reputation can come into question.

For organizations that utilize a calendar-based membership term, November to January can be anxiety-inducing. However, these are critical moments for any organization to recognize its strengths and weaknesses and plan around its renewal rate.

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Audience At Lecture Event - Amplify Your Event's Attendance

Amplify Your Event’s Attendance

The proof is in the numbers. When your event has a large number of attendees, it sends a clear message to everyone that your association is sought-after and doing something right. It also assures your team that all their hard work is paying off. 

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Woman Working On Laptop With Shadow And Sunset - Supporting Your Team's Mental Wellbeing

Supporting Your Team's Mental Wellbeing

On October 10th, the globe observed World Mental Health Day, a day dedicated to championing one's mental well-being and raising awareness about mental ailments. Unfortunately, to make matters more complex, COVID-19 amplified the population’s anxiety, stress, and fear, making mental healthcare much more challenging to access. 

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Man At Top Of Stairs - Succession Planning for Founders

Succession Planning for Founders

Ensuring your leadership team is sustainable and committed is one of the most essential keys to operating an organization. The board must successfully manage its way through many life cycle changes. Venturing into new territory—whether it’s a new leadership position or bringing on board a new type of donor—the next generation of founders need to be guided by wisdom, not just by prior experience. 

While the transition is typically fraught with uncertainty, apprehension, and hard-to-navigate challenges, it’s a delicate feat that requires attention to detail. Therefore, succession planning should begin at the leadership cycle’s inception for a smooth change and to leave a successful legacy. 

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Helicopter Over River - Explore The World With EXEC

How Corporate Travel Perks Are Changing The Game

Image Credit: Blade

Corporate travel is making a global comeback post-pandemic. While remote work has become the new trend, crossing borders for a conference or client dinner is sometimes necessary. However, between airfare, hotels, and transportation, these expenses can erode your budget with just a few clicks. 

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College Students Sitting on Floor With Laptop And Books - Latest Employee Trends

Latest 2022 Employee Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

In a world where trends change in the blink of an eye, remaining in the loop while juggling your daily responsibilities can be difficult. Like social media, the latest employee trends are evolving by the day based on an array of factors: the global economy, the after-effects of a global pandemic, and for some, even astrology! 

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Woman Throwing Papers in Air - Quiet Quitting and The Great Resignation

Quiet Quitting: Is The Great Resignation Making a Comeback?

Trends come and go; some revolutionize the workplace, while others make you genuinely wonder what the globe’s economic future holds. As the world enters another recession, a 17-second TikTok video with millions of views has turned on a new lightbulb for the younger generation, sparking a millennial and Gen-Z fire that’s ignited across social media and corporate America.

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Two People Looking At Computer Screen - Smart Technology Investments

Smart Technology Investments: Top Association Software

Operating a successful association requires time, attention to detail, organization, and consistent coordination with your team. While there’s no replacement for human capital and expertise, there are many software solutions that can be used to augment and improve processes to drive efficiency within organizations.

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Nespresso Machine - Best Gifts for Your Most Valuable Clients

Best Gifts for Your Most Valuable Clients

Image Credit: Nespresso

When showing a current or prospective client your appreciation, sometimes you need more than a nicely decorated basket of fruit. Gifts are an opportunity to enhance business relationships and combat churn. Therefore, taking the time to personalize what you plan to send is vital to make lasting impressions. 

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