Members at Lunch During Orientation

Revamping Your Member’s Onboarding Experience

A member’s onboarding experience is a true reflection of how the remainder of their membership term will turn out — so it’s essential to make it a good one. In a post-pandemic era of reinvention and ‘remoteness,’ organizations must revamp their onboarding to remain in the race.

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Team Building Activities for Executives - Two Women Executives in Golf Simulator

5 Great Team Building Activities for Your Executive Team

More often than not, the term ‘ice-breaker’ or ‘team-building activities’ will trigger a wave of eye-rolls and employees inching their way to the nearest exit. This response is usually because these activities are boring, overdone, or might even make some uncomfortable.

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Team of Executives on a Corporate Retreat

How to Plan a Productive & Enjoyable Corporate Retreat

Corporate retreats are slowly getting a much-needed makeover. The annual tradition of pool parties, late nights out, and four-star accommodations are gradually being replaced with quieter gatherings that foster creativity and teamwork — the essence of what a retreat is all about. 

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Business Executives Leaving Private Jet

When Does Private Travel Make Sense for Businesses and Executives?

General aviation, more commonly referred to as private aviation, is typically viewed as a lavish and costly mode of transportation; however, it’s an integral component of the success of many large companies with frequent business travel needs.

The benefits of privacy, security, convenience, efficiency, and risk mitigation are unmatched. In addition, private travel is more profitable in some scenarios than commercial travel—when every minute matters.

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Meal With a View of An Airport Runway - Best Dining Options in Airports

The Best Dining Experiences in Airports

Gone are the days when being hungry in an airport was dreadful, and a wilted plastic-wrapped sandwich was the only option to quiet your stomach. Between delayed flights and extended layovers, we understand the feeling of being condemned to stale fries and days-old fruit cups.

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Group of Executives -Top Productivity Tools for Entrepreneurs

The Best Productivity Tools for Entrepreneurs

It’s without a doubt that time is of the essence when it comes to running your business and pursuing any entrepreneurial venture. With a long to-do list and a plate full of work, efficient use of our little time is essential for a day of productivity.  

Several factors are at play in order to maximize your day-to-day energy expenditure and overall productivity: your mental and physical well-being, your environment, your time management ability, and your sense of motivation. 

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Services for Busy Entrepreneurs - Group of Women Entrepreneurs At Lunch Table

Best Subscriptions & Services for Busy Entrepreneurs

The relentless demands of a business owner’s reality can be daunting, but the market is loaded with programs to augment your lifestyle and increase your overall output. For entrepreneurs and executives always on the go, time is money — and time is certainly flying.

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America's Top Sustainable Hotels: 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

Top Domestic Hotels Committed to Sustainability

Image Credit: 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

Reducing our carbon footprint and maintaining a sustainable business are essential components of cultivating a thriving planet. Yet, in 2020, we emitted over 45 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, with the aviation and hospitality industries found to be responsible for roughly three percent of those emissions.

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