When To Add A New Member Benefit - Workers Contributing To A Teamwork Activity

When To Add A New Member Benefit

The decision to add a new member benefit to your business or organization is never an arbitrary one. Adjusting your benefits package—particularly if you’re replacing existing benefits with new ones—should be done meticulously to avoid unintended consequences. Read on to see our top factors to consider when determining the optimal timing for introducing new member benefits and revamping existing ones.

In a constantly developing professional development and networking landscape, benefits platforms like EXEC play a crucial role in fostering connections and providing valuable resources to executives and leaders across industries. From luxury travel and business perks to last-minute concert tickets and health and wellness benefits, leaders have a world of unique and exclusive benefits to dive into and offer.

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Panel On Stage - The C-Suite's Bias: Addressing The Imbalances of Corporate America

The C-Suite's Bias: Addressing The Imbalances of Corporate America

Gender bias. Age discrimination. Lack of diversity. Corporate America is inundated with stereotypes, but what matters most is whether businesses utilize them to make decisions.

The world has been focused primarily on the gender gap when it comes to diversity in the workplace — and for good reason. The truth is, numerous other elements need to be addressed. While seeing women in CEO roles is vital, more must be accomplished to diversify the boardroom.

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Smart Digital City with Globalization Abstract Graphic - The Power of LinkedIn for Membership Organizations

The Power of LinkedIn for Membership Organizations

LinkedIn is the leading professional networking site for people looking for employment, business partners, and other solutions to their industry challenges. The platform is an excellent resource for connecting people, becoming a thought leader, and widening your network. 

Traditionally, LinkedIn has also been utilized by membership organizations and associations as a way to help grow their community. The power and value of having an up-to-date LinkedIn profile lies in connecting with a wider network of professionals, expanding their reach and influence, and ultimately driving engagement and growth. 

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Man Standing Under Umbrella - What To Consider When Hiring A New AMC

What To Consider When Hiring A New AMC

Association Management Companies (AMC) are the perfect partners for directing and managing your organization. But how can you ensure you're making a wise investment? 

Association executives must consider many factors: local or national, well-established versus a newer operation, and previous experiences. There are also elements like culture, ethics, and leadership to evaluate when deciding which AMC will you reach maximum potential. 

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Sunset Over U.S. Capitol In Washington D.C. - Role of Associations in Advocating For Industry Issues

The Role of Associations and Organizations in Advocating for Industry Issues

Public policy and regulations are constantly evolving based on the population's needs. The decisions made by the government have a tremendous impact on the future of any association and industry. Public advocacy is essential because policies and regulations propagated can positively or negatively impact your club and its members. 

Being a member of an association or organization has a slew of benefits, from networking with like-minded individuals to staying up to date with the latest industry trends. Advocacy, however, tends to stay within the top three most important advantages of joining a community. 

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Businessman Giving Presentations - Internal Leadership Development

Strategies to Increase Value For Your Association’s Members

With the current economic climate, everyone’s looking to be more efficient with their spending. But in this time of belt-tightening, leaders face new challenges that must be consistently addressed to ensure member retention. 

Finding new strategies to increase value and engage members is vital within any organization. A strong association provides benefits that continue to attract and retain member households. If members are happy with the return on investment, they are likelier to stick around and click renew at the end of the year.

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Futuristic Buildings - How AI is Revolutionizing Member Management

The Future Is Now: How AI Is Revolutionizing Member Management

About a decade ago, AI was viewed as a dystopian nightmare confined to the Fortune 500 and startups of Silicon Valley. In 2023, artificial intelligence is rapidly finding its way into the everyday lives of the masses, whether they know it or not. The future is here, and AI is making waves across all industries—including membership businesses.  

Connecting with your members is fundamental, but there's more to it than just checking the pulse via surveys and one-on-one meetings. In today’s digital world, how you and your team interact with the community is evolving thanks to artificial intelligence—or should we say association intelligence? 

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Staff Working As A Team - How Founders & Executives Can Build A Better Culture For The Team

How Founders & Executives Can Build A Better Culture For The Team

In today's digital-centered economy, corporate culture is more important than ever. A strong workplace culture can help a business boost profits, attract new talent, deliver high-performing service, and boost overall morale. Although "good" corporate culture may sound like an intangible quality, there are tangible ways that any executive can build a thriving environment for their team.

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Businessman Giving Presentations - Internal Leadership Development

Internal Leadership Development: Orchestrating a Pipeline of Talent

Conducting a world-class orchestra and running a successful organization share many similarities. While a conductor has a vision that inspires and unifies the orchestra, everyone else has a job to do as well, needing to be able to read music, play their instrument, and listen carefully to others to give the right cues at the right time. It's insufficient for one person to be great—a system must be in place for all to work together harmoniously.

Similarly, within a business, a high-quality talent pipeline is essential to develop emerging leaders and begin succession planning. Up-and-coming executives need nourishment to prosper and create a new generation of future leaders. 

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Businessman On Rooftop - The Future Of Work: Predictions For The Next Decade

The Future Of Work: Predictions For The Next Decade

The future of work is evolving at warp speed. Half a century ago, being an astronaut was the universally accepted sci-fi paradigm of “the future of work.” From content creation and crypto-mining to software engineering and cybersecurity, the future of work is here — and it’s incredibly diverse. 

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